About CESI Affiliate Membership

At Centre for Environmental Sustainability & Initiative (CESI), we are putting in place a strategic structure to realise a sustainable society on a global scale. We have set up an Affiliate Members Organisation for those wishing to provide active support to and cooperate with the activities of CESI. We hope to promote understanding of many different aspects of our founding aims and project tasks, and we would like to invite Affiliate Members to register with us.
Full Member Privileges

As well as invitations to the International and National conferences held to consider and act upon Global and National Environmental issues along with     CESI, full members will get priority invitations to various events sponsored or co-sponsored by CESI. For section of Research Programs, Projects and Activities they will be invited free of participation charge.
(For details of Research Programs, Projects, and Activities currently under way, please visit on our Website on www.cesiug.org

Forwarding of various Publications

We will send CESI published newsletters, annual reports, other written reports from CESI to the location of your choice.

Logo Posting on CESI website (For members of Foundations/Corporations and NGOs/CBOs)

We will post the logo of foundations, corporations, NGOs and CBOs in specific areas of the CESI website to show their understanding and support of CESI-Research programs, projects and activities.

Categories and Membership Fees for Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are divided into five categories: foundations/corporations, NGOs, CBOs, private persons, and students. The Admission Fee and yearly contribution fee of each type of member is as follows:

National affiliate membership

Member Category* Admission Fee Minimum Annual Fee
Foundations/Corporations USD  500 USD  1,000
NGOs USD 300 USD  700
Institutions (Schools, +Religious Groups USD 200 USD  400
CBOs USD 100 USD 2 00
Individual Members USD  60 USD 100
Student Members** USD  50 USD   50

Foreign affiliate membership

Member Category* Admission Fee Minimum Annual Fee
International Foundations/Corporations USD 10,000 USD  25,000
International NGOs USD 5,000 USD  12,000
Institutions – Schools USD 3,000 USD  6,500
Individual Members USD  1,500 USD  3,200
Student Members** USD  1,000 USD   2050

* We also offer Associate Membership which has no privilege of priority invitation for those who cannot attend open seminars or symposiums because of their residence outside of our Operating region or outside of Uganda.

* When student members lose their student status, their membership will be withdrawn, but if they re-register as individual members, they will be exempt from the Admission Fee.

Application Procedure

As well as filling in the application form please send an Email addressed to the CESI Secretariat for more details on info@cesiug.org  or Call Office Line:  +256 393 280 459
For applications to become a student member, please include a copy of your student card.
To Affiliated Members
please let us know by e-mail or telephone when there are any changes in the registration details.