About the Program

“To strengthen local communities ‘control over land resources by creating livelihoods opportunities’

Who we work with

We work with poor and marginalized people in communities that have a variety of natural resources available but whose members have few employment opportunities. We also work with individuals who have limited income earning opportunities, such as youth. Women are the primary focus in our program component.

How we work.

We support the development and activities of the three types of ‘Self-Help Groups’ each focuses on the area: Nursery development, Agro-processing or hand craft creation.

Through the help of CESI, group members work and learn how to create products to sell to outside markets. These groups also develop new income opportunities to support themselves and their families, and take control over their own livelihood.

Through our efforts, we try to develop local level entrepreneurships to take on livelihood options like Agro- processing on a full-time basis.

SHGs Self Help Group is a group of 5-15 individuals with identical livelihood interests who will work and grow together to help each in adopting sustainable options, to generate income as a group and as  individuals and to take steps towards strengthening control over resources.

Resource people: Group resource persons are the ones who have learned skills and are there to teach other members of the group.

Partner/Support this program

We welcome partners and supporters of this program. Possible areas of partnership include: