Core Values


We recognize that the key issues to address to is our human consumption and its impact to the environment. Hence, our core values are categorized into the following theme:

  • Climate change (Adaptation and Mitigation)
    • Biodiversity (Natural Resource Management)
    • Energy & Waste management (Adapt + Mechanism)
    • Women & Gender (Inclusiveness)
    • Youth development (Involvement, Inclusion and Information)
    • Agriculture and Food Security (Source of Livelihood)
    • Water, Sanitation and Health (WaSH)

Climate change (Adaptation and Mitigation)

Climate change is worsening an already unprecedented scarcity of resources, including water and arable land in some of the country’s most volatile and impoverished regions. CESI sees climate change as a threat to the communities we serve, so by improving on the life of the community, we aim at developing Adaptation and Mitigation mechanisms.

Biodiversity (Natural Resource Management)

The environment underpins and defines all aspects of human society. Environmental degradation most strongly impacts vulnerable communities, primarily because these places lack the coping mechanisms that normally protect lives and livelihoods. CESI is committed to helping these communities address and adapt to environmental changes through Natural Resource management.

Energy & Waste (Adapt + Mechanism)

CESI’s Adapt + Mechanism is an enterprise development-based program that focuses on mounting, delivery and training in alternative energy options. The role need addressed by the program is the cooking energy scarcity and over exploitation of forest resources for charcoal and wood fuel. The program’s strategy is recycling of the country’s profuse bio-waste for alternative energy to foster adaptation to Climate Change and livelihood improvement.

Women & Gender (Inclusiveness)

Women are the foundation of every society. Yet for many women in the country’s poorest regions, life is extraordinarily difficult. Through innovative health, agricultural, business and education programs, CESI builds on the courage and resourcefulness of women to help them realize their potential and improve their families and communities.

Youth development (Involvement, Inclusion and Information)

Youth have a bigger stake in the future than anyone. CESI is helping mobilize youth in Uganda to influence a better tomorrow, while also offering education and job training to impoverished youth to give them a place in the changing global economy.


Most parts of the country don’t have the benefit of picking up food from the corner store they grow it themselves. A family’s plot of land has to provide for their nutritional and economic needs. CESI works with families to ensure quality inputs, a good crop yield and a fair price at local markets.

Food Security

Distributing food is sometimes necessary, especially during times of crisis but CESI believes in teaching people to fish, plant gardens and raises livestock for their household needs. This holistic approach is not only ensuring that families don’t go hungry, but also looks out for their health needs and long-term economic prospects.


Our work is to build healthy communities, families and individuals are at the heart of CESI’s vision for social change. By partnering with a range of partners, from village health committees to government agencies, we help build the means to improve maternal, newborn and child health, ensure proper nutrition and combat infectious diseases.

Water & Sanitation Water is the source of life but when it’s not properly managed, can breed disease, create conflict and destroy communities. CESI works to provide access to clean water all over the country, we also help people learn proper sanitation, improve distribution and irrigation, and strengthen communities against flooding.