You can make an online donation (see below) or mail us a cheque. We also offer tree planting certificates that make a great reward. All donations are tax-deductable, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. It is our policy never to trade or sell any of your contact information.  For more details, read cesiug.org/privacy-policy for our full donor privacy policy.  


Donate today and help us reach 10million planted trees by 2030

When you donate you are helping us to plant trees and supporting important work that helps to enhance our campaign activities and these includes;

  • Seed forecasting and collection
  • Nursery bed development
  • Workshops, training and mentoring new technical staff, National youth volunteers and green Ambassadors
  • Media awareness campaign
  • Filming Documentaries
  • Designing climate change posters (Faces of Climate change in Uganda)
  • Environmental School competition (Environmental Young Reporters (EYR) and 21 Green days Competition
  • Tree planting
  • Free seedling distribution
  • Research on agro ecological zones
  • Voluntary Community outreach

How to Donate.

Help us save our environment by making a donation to tree planting initiative

  • Donate online
  • Donate by Mobile Money-(Only Applicable to Ugandans)
  • Donate by Cheque-please make the cheque payable to Centre for Environmental sustainability and Initiative (Payment in UGX only)

Tax free receipt will be provided to all gifts of $50 and greater.

Mobile Money Donation Numbers;

MTN +256772955877, AIRTEL +256702955877

Enter your Message/Reason- Donation for Tree Planting

Online Donation Procedure;

For just ten cents per tree you can help reach 10 million planted trees by 2030.

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We gratefully accept donations to support our tree planting programs (minimum donation $5). Ten cents plants a tree – $25 will plant 250 trees, $100 will plant 1,000 trees…and so on! You will receive a receipt for tax purposes by e-mail.