»About CESI-Uganda Internship

CESI Internship Program

The CESI Internship Program provides opportunities for graduate students to experience CESI research projects first-hand at the CESI Registered Offices in Jinja-Uganda and its Head Offices in Kampala Capital City.

About the Program

The eligible candidates will be those who

  1. have a related background and are working on relevant research themes;
  2. are willing to learn through on-the-job training at CESI;
  3. are proficient enough in English for the purposes of oral communication and the writing of documents;
  4. can participate in the internship program from 9:30-18:00, five days a week for 2-3 consecutive months;
  5. have basic PC skills; and
  6. have an endorsement of their professors/Supervisors.

Please note that:

  1. the interns will not be paid;
  2. the interns have to cover their own travel expenses to and from the place of the internship;
  3. the interns are responsible for obtaining insurance to cover their medical expenses;
  4. the interns at Registered Office can use organizations Volunteer home/hostel as their accommodation;
  5. the interns at other Research Centres will be provided a rented room with the utility and other charges to be paid by the interns; and
  6. applicants will be requested to submit all application documents indicated in the recruiting announcement. They usually consist of a cover letter explaining the intention of the application, curriculum vitae, writing samples, and professor’s endorsement or school credit information.

This Program is open to

American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, All Africans and Worldwide Participants.