About the program

CESI’s IRET-Program is an enterprise development-based program that

focuses on developing, distribution and training in alternative energy options. The niche need addressed by the program is the cooking energy scarcity and over exploitation of forest resources for charcoal and wood fuel. The program’s

strategy is recycling of the country’s profuse bio-waste for alternative energy to

foster adaptation to Climate Change and livelihood improvement.

IRET-Program include:

1. Cooking bags and Cooler bags

2. Briquettes

3. Solar technology (solar bags and solar cookers)

4. Efficient charcoal stoves


We provide training to community groups and institutions in the areas of waste recycling and alternative energy.

Community Benefits

  • Improved Health and Sanitation
  • Control of indoor pollution and related illnesses like pneumonia
  • Cheaper and cleaner cooking energy source
  • Job-creation
  • Conservation of community forests
  • Contribution to food security
  • Contribution to lowering gender-based violence Etc..

Partner/Support this program

We welcome partners and supporters of this program. Possible areas of partnership include:

  • Voluntary Carbon Trade
  • Scaling Up production of fuel briquettes, cooking bags/cooler bags, efficient charcoal stoves through improvement in technology and increasing capacity
  • Providing access to poor households to energy-saving stoves and cleaner alternative cooking energy