Vision, Mission, Goal, Approach

Vision, Mission, Goal, Approach 


Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Initiative (CESI) is a non-partisan and non-profit, non-government organization. And it aims at establishing a voluntary environmental movement, thereby creating opportunities for active involvement by all Ugandans (children, youths and elders) instilling a sense of commitment and awareness of environmental issues and global hazards.

*Holistic– Global Environment issues are categorized into seven areas: Agriculture, Food and Security, Biodiversity, Energy and waste, Climate Change, Health, Water & Sanitation, youth development. Women & Gender.

Our Vision

To be an environmentally self-sustaining and informed community globally.

 Our Mission

To be the leading environmental body advocating for sustainable development while preserving the global environment among the local people.

Our Goal

To challenge the local people (children, youth and elders) to adopt sustainable livelihood    mechanisms, embrace environmental issues holistically and drive local and act as a driving force in both local and global environmental initiatives.

Our Approach

We work and support local communities (Individuals & groups) to lead local development activities; run awareness campaigns (tree planting, waste management, improved energy technology and sustainable agriculture through home gardening and Community health Programs); organise skills development trainings, workshops and seminars, Conferences exhibitions both  (International and National), conduct research programs in the                      agro-ecological zones, build links between local communities and local government through our program Horizontal Learning   Program   (HLP)