Volunteering in Uganda really is an opportunity not to be missed. With our flexible short-term placements, you can schedule your trip to fit in with education or work, and take a break to experience the natural beauty of Uganda.        Long-term placements from 1 month up to 2 years will place you in projects that will let you work for the good of the community here, improving the livelihoods of many people whilst building your career and enjoying the warm hospitality of Ugandan people.

At CESI we always value the work of our volunteers. Not only do we give volunteers the opportunity to work in CESI, but we also give opportunities to work in other NGOs, CBO’s and our affiliated Institutions like Schools across the Country. We have good working relation with most of the CSO’s in the country, so expect to see several different locations in the Uganda during your stay.

Placements are listed under the “Volunteer Placements” heading, but really these are just guidelines as to what we offer in terms of projects. Whatever you, the volunteer, wants to do during your stay with us, can be arranged. Due to the variety of fields we work in and the copious amounts of opportunities available you really can carry out your dream volunteer placement.

Online Volunteering.

You can also volunteer online! By volunteering Online, you can work whenever you want and wherever you are! And the little time that you are able to commit can help to make a change. Simply give us your contactby sending an email to:  volunteer@cesiug.org  to be part of the online family.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering/working in rural areas and have a few weeks available to come and stay with us, please send us an email at volunteer@cesiug.org.

Volunteer fee

Our volunteering fees include all your food and accommodation, a local        registered Sim-card for your phone, visa costs, 24-hour support, and local transportation both to and from placement areas (Hostel/Induction house to your work), weekly activities and anything else you will require specific to your placement. And also, certain percentage from the volunteer fee will support our organization’s activities and programs like Youth Resource Centre, The ONE million tree planting agenda and Nursery bed development, media campaign, Research in Ecological Zones etc. Our transparent policy ensures that our volunteers know exactly where their money goes. You will be able to see precisely what your money is being spent on and if you have any questions or issues at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional to the program fee is an administration Fee – This US$500 fee helps to cover the administrative costs involved for the time and work between our application review and your arrival in Uganda such as visa applications, office overheads and local staff.

Our activities as an NGO greatly benefit the local community, and when you join our family you too will be able to watch your time and money become invested in the happiness of the local people.

Duration Currency              Amount
3 Weeks              US Dollar           1,050
4 weeks               US Dollar             1,400
6 weeks               US Dollar             2,000
8 Weeks               US Dollar             2,550
10 weeks             US Dollar             3,050
12 Weeks            US Dollar             3,600

*** More than 12 weeks – USD 285 per week. ***

What you get for the fee:

  • Volunteer placement within CESI or with one of our Affiliate or partner NGOs, CBO’s, and Institutions like Schools.
  • Domestic transportation from Entebbe international airport to the placement area or where you will stay.
  • Minimum of one picnic to nearby uninhabited islands, waterfalls, mountain ranges, and national parks although more often than not this will be a weekly or monthly occurrence!
  • Accommodation for the length of your stay.
  • Optional local language (the national language) lessons.
  • Visa for the length of your stay (details of which will be provided before  your flight).
  • Local member to ensure you have everything you need and constant support throughout your stay.
  • A registered Sim-card so you can make local calls and texts (you must provide your own phone, however, and pay for your own calls and texts).


  • 10 % discount will be offered on the volunteer fee if you confirm your placement three months in advance. A booking is confirmed once the required documents and the $500 administration fee is received.
  • Group bookings- There will be special discount from 10-50% for group bookings which can be discussed upon enquiry. And
  • Returning volunteer discount